InstantWEB - Quick and Easy


Fully functional for mobile devices (iPhone, iPod touch iPad, etc.)


  • Professional layouts
  • Perfect presentations
  • Easy-2-use interface (including itunes app for mobile uploads)


Only 3 steps to get it up and running


  • Choose the webKit (register)
  • Specify online period (from days to months) *
  • Upload media



Professional online media presentation


Choose your InstantWEB-Kit:


  1. photographer
  2. blogger
  3. artist
  4. film-maker


 *Paypal account required

What is InstantWEB?

InstantWEB is the quickest and easiest way to publish media online in a pure professional and exclusively personal presentation...

What are InstantWEB-Kits?
InstantWEB contains different categories of webKits to keep it simple...

Why using InstantWEB and not social plattforms?
It's like comparing a business card with a global telephone book - Why trying to mark an item in between hundreds...

What is it not?
Because InstantWEB is ready made, there is no need for configuration or changing parameters. It's two words: Upload and enjoy...

What are the costs?

Basic InstantWeb-Kits starting from 0,33 € per day...